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This is Jeroen Hanselaer

This introduction should really not be more than that one little sentence. It is difficult to ‘explain’ a photographer. It’s not something that can be done in words. A photographer explains himself – in pictures.

And this is also what this book does.

This is Jeroen Hanselaer.

If you really want a comparison, then let’s take the one global sport that

everyone knows: football. If Jeroen were a footballer, then he would be the player that you would come to the stadium to see.

Not because he is the successful striker that slots the goals in so easily, nor because he is the invincible goalie.

But rather because he is the creative mid-fielder. You know that that

superb pass is coming, you know that it will be followed by that amazing

dribble, and you know that that magical moment, in all its simplicity, is going to unfold.


This is just what he does in his photographs.

As a privileged witness of a longstanding collaboration with magazines such as Menzo and Culinaire Ambiance, I can only say that I could identify ‘a Hanselaer’ among all other photos.

Precisely because of that simple magic that hits you as a child, a

grandfather, a friend, a person, a witness, a passer-by, a traveller, a teenager. In an over-mediatised world in which everyone sees themselves technically as a photographer, one thing really remains absolute – the eye of the master.

And it is this that you witness with this book.

A book that displays far more than the magazine work for which the photographer Jeroen Hanselaer is known.

This is his view of the world.

His view of the beauty of people, the beauty of

things, the simplicity of being. This is who he is, what he is.

This is Jeroen Hanselaer.

Writen as foreword to the book : RESTLESS

Jorn Van Besauw

Editor in Chief Menzo Magazine 2008-2012


RESTLESS, Uitgeverij NENO, 2015

Upcoming Portrait Project, 2021


Qu'Elle est Belle

CC De Kern, Wilrijk, Feb 2005

Project Fiarytales

Design Museum, Ghent, Feb - March 2006

Jazz @ Luchtbal

CC Luchtbal, Antwerp, Feb 2008​


Gallery Link, Ghent, Nov 2011

The Green Jersey Portraits, 100 Years Tour De France

Travelling Exhibit, 2012


Campo & Campo, Antwerp, March 2015

Restless Black & White

Gallery C41, Antwerp, April 2015


Galerij Verbeeck & Vandijck, Antwerp, March 2019



Menzo, , GQ Germany, Sabato, MyMi Milano, Big Black Book ( Esquire ), L’officiel Paris, Elle, Citta Magazine, DM Magazine, Idole Mag, …



De Standaard, The Independent, Le Soir, L’Echo/De Tijd, Gazet Van Antwerpen, De Morgen, …


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