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Like all good things in life photography is made to be shared. 

That is why Jeroen Hanselaer is offering a few select workshops every year.

From 1 day crash courses to in depth multiple day travel experiences, each one is tailor made to share knowledge, experience and passion.

From beginner to advanced, it is the aim to improve your skills and to inspire you.


So why don't you join in one of the upcoming events ?

Upcoming Workshops

World Exclusive: North Korea 

For the first time ever you will be given the chance to visit North Korea and experience a 8 day travel workshop in the most unique of settings. 


Kim Il-sung Square

Mongolia, The right way

Join in on a unique journey across the land of the Khans. Experience the nomad-life first hand and travel off the beaten path.

This workshop takes you far away from the tourists, and deep into the Mongolian Steppe.




Central Asia's hidden gem.

Amazing mountains, wonderfull Soviet architecture and the most friendly people.

This workshop is still in concept phase


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