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Photography Tour 2020



 This North Korea photography tour is designed to give photographers the best chance to snap the best North Korea photos to show off. 

With special permissions from North Korea, Jeroen Hanselaer & Koryo Tours bring you this exclusive, one-of-a-kind tour of the DPRK. This photography tour gives us special access to certain sites, extra time at monuments, and an itinerary designed specifically for shooting the best North Korea photos, making sure we’re catching the sunset from high up whilst it’s hitting Pyongyang, and visiting rural locations whilst the Koreans are hard at work. 

As well as allowing you to get the best pictures of North Korea, we will also spend our days visiting all of the main sites and learning about this unique country whilst accompanied by our North Korean and Western guides. 

Unlike many other tours, a lot of the time on this tour will be spent walking and not in a bus, ensuring you get the best photographs whilst exploring Pyongyang on foot. Evenings will be spent with relaxed photography consultations run by Jeroen with special access to slide-show equipment. Each participant of the tour is invited to show the best snaps of the day, and Jeroen will give tailored advice on how you can improve your photography skills throughout the tour. 

We will also have access to Leica cameras during our time on the tour, so it is a great opportunity for you to have a go yourself on the Leica equipment. 

Please keep in mind that places are limited. 

The Tour is cancelled for 2020

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